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Why Use Acuspire?

Recruitment is a marketing effort. It's always a net positive to have more qualified candidates!

Fast, Simple Process

Post a job in seconds.

Acuspire's AI engine invites qualified, available, interested candidates within 60 seconds of your job going live.

No Added Overhead

Resumes will be sent to your existing email address.

Central dashboard displays list of applicants ranked automatically with AI based on your job criteria.

Better Applicants, Faster

No overwhelm, no sorting.

Access top talent with almost no effort. Save time and money. Your boss (or client) will appreciate that!

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We are capable of serving a wide array of businesses with talent solutions.

Job Posting

Post a job in seconds


  • Top applicants from Acuspire talent pool and Google
  • Instant notifications of new applicants
  • Receive full resumes
  • Message applicants
  • Request interviews
  • Customer support via instant message and email
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Enterprise Platform

An AI-powered resume and job bank tailored for your organization.

  • Built & hosted in Canada
  • Branded interface, email notifications and job pages
  • Multi-sided:
    • - recruiter / employer OR
    • - re-employment org. / employer OR
    • - student / university / employer
  • Advanced metrics reporting
  • Advanced job search dashboard
  • Advanced resume search dashboard
  • Unlimited jobs
  • Unlimited candidates
  • Unlimited staff
  • Premium support
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More than 40 years of combined experience building technology-driven companies.

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